Psy-Fi Parking Carbon Contrubution

We are introducing a small carbon contribution on cars, caravans and
campervans for three main reasons, one is to encourage you to share your
ride or choose other, more nature friendly ways to reach us. The second
reason is to help us with the great costs involved in processing all
thousands of vehicles arriving at the Psy-Fi land. The third reason is that
we want to help nature restore what we take from her. Therefore we
donate a part of your contribution to a good cause.

Each year around 4.000 cars drive from all over Europe to our festival.
We would love to see that number decrease in the years to come.

Therefore we are charging a 10,00 Euro carbon contribution. We have a
great shortage of space to park all 4000 cars and we don’t like our
campsites to look like one giant car park but rather like the beautiful
nature camping that it is.

With the carbon contribution we are setting up a large parking space
right next to the festival by renting farmland. We will lay out steel tracks,
set up lights, fences and security to watch over your car.

There will be a shuttle service to bring you and your stuff to the campsite.
(about 800 meters away from the carpark at walkingdistance)

2,50 Euro of your contribution goes towards trees for all (

They will use your contribution to plant new trees in deforested areas
around the world. One tree in Bolivia costs around 5,00 Euro, so with your
contribution we can plant about 1600 new trees every year.

For campers and caravans we will reserve 600 places on the campsite.
If you would like to come with your mobile home then we ask you to
reserve a spot.  Camper/caravan tickets are for sale here and cost 25,00 Euro.

You will be asked for your ticket upon arrival to the festival gates. Tickets
are not for sale at the gates so there is no use on showing up with a
campervan or caravan at the gates without a ticket, we simply don’t have enough space.