Psy-Fi By Bike

The Boom festival Bike initiative that started in 2008 is in our minds a great idea that has become a growing
tradition, one in which we like to share to help promote this great alternative, healthy, fun and conscious way to travel to the Psy-Fi festival.

If you are setting out to cycle to Psy-Fi, we would like to hear about it so we can prepare for your arrival.
We offer FREE entree tickets to cyclists and even free accommodation in the form of a ready pitched up tent with a ready made bed.

Note: this does not mean that everyone that comes by bicycle will get in for free.
If you want to apply to our special bikers offer, just send us an email with your plans of travel here:

Bicycles are also allowed to be used as transportation on the festival land as it is a great way to get around.
Just be careful not to make any accidents and don’t cycle around if you are not sober please.