On psychedelics: A conversation (Live in Melbourne, Australia)

James W. Jesso is a public speaker and author who pulls apart his psyche
to weave stories out of the process. Deeply versed in the psychedelic
experience, his work draws on the wisdom and insight distilled in facing
the turbulent reality of his own darkness. He has published two full-
length books and is the host of the ATTMind Radio podcast.

Check out his work at www.jameswjesso.com


In March 2016 I was welcomed to a Festival in Australia. While out there I
made specific plan to connect with author and psychonaut, Julian Palmer,
whom I previously only knew through his book, Articulations, and a skype
chat him and I had (which you can watch here).

A series of incredible synchronistic occurrences led to the festival I was
flown out for being canceled and in turn, Julian helped arrange us to do
this talk together. It was a one night only special event and we thankfully
had audio recorded by one of the guests!

We discuss topics where we align (making serious choices and doing the
hard work of real personal transformation outside of the psychedelic
experience) and where we don’t align (the ontological validity of DMT

We also talk about

  • facing the shadow,
  • psychospiritual maturation,
  • using psychedelics for healing,
  • the psychonaut’s life path,
  • the failures of ayahuasca culture,
  • the potential significance of psilocybin as an agent of social change,
  • behavioral conditioning and deconditioning,
  • taking mushrooms in the float tank,
  • telepathy,
  • trusting the plant’s intelligence,
  • organic vs. synthetic drugs,
  • the ainima of ketamine
  • …. and more!

On Psychedelics: A Conversation | Main Talk

On Psychedelics: A Conversation | Q&A

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