Green Solutions @ Psy-Fi


At Psy-Fi we care about our environment and nature in general. Every
year we find more solutions to reduce our footprint in nature. As we are a
large group of festival goers and workers, we need to be aware of what we
do and we feel it as our task to provide you with the best possible green
solutions we can find.

On psychedelics: A conversation (Live in Melbourne, Australia)

James W. Jesso is a public speaker and author who pulls apart his psyche
to weave stories out of the process. Deeply versed in the psychedelic
experience, his work draws on the wisdom and insight distilled in facing
the turbulent reality of his own darkness. He has published two full-
length books and is the host of the ATTMind Radio podcast.

Check out his work at

Psy-Fi Parking Carbon Contrubution

We are introducing a small carbon contribution on cars, caravans and
campervans for three main reasons, one is to encourage you to share your
ride or choose other, more nature friendly ways to reach us. The second
reason is to help us with the great costs involved in processing all
thousands of vehicles arriving at the Psy-Fi land. The third reason is that
we want to help nature restore what we take from her. Therefore we
donate a part of your contribution to a good cause.

Psyclean Interview – Viktor

Viktor / PsyClean

Viktor Balogh, 33 years old and born in Hungary. Due to his dad’s job he grew
up in Hungary, Germany and Austria and now he is a Dutch resident.
Together with Aleksandra “Ola” Muranyi he’s the founder of The PsyClean
Crew. They are responsible for our super clean festival and for that we are for
ever thankful to them and their crew of volunteers.

Psy-Fi By Bike

The Boom festival Bike initiative that started in 2008 is in our minds a great idea that has […]

Welcome to our online news platform “The Inpsyder”

 Welcome to our new online news platform The Inpsyder.

Every year on the festival we hand out our news paper, telling you all that is happening on our festival. From now on we will start to inform you here online about us, the festival, our artists, new developments, the scene and all other kinds of Psytrance related topics. We wish you lot’s of reading pleasure and look forward to seeing all of you again in August!